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Carpenter's Family Farm began as a passion, not a business. In 2015, we found out that a grandchild was entering our family, and we wanted to provide a lifestyle that was as "back to nature" as possible. After extensive research and love, we purchased a farm and shortly after, it grew into an obsession! We added many animals and focused on rescuing them from less fortunate circumstances. It changed all of our lives in a way that we never expected. As our grandson grew, it became obvious that he had extremely sensitive skin and normal commercial products wouldn’t work. This lead us down a path of again, a lot of research and discovering the amazing benefits of natural remedies! We found that we had the solution to his skin issues - right on our farm! Goats milk! Hundreds of batches of soap, late nights and weeks later, we came up with a recipe that we were ready to try. A year later, his skin and many others is pristine and hence a business was born, Goat Isle Soap! As a family, we made a decision to share this product with our community and those who had similar issues. It exploded and we couldn’t be happier or more grateful.

     The entire foundation of Goat Isle Soap, is based on providing a quality product that is not only affordable, but is appealing to a variety of people. We made it our promise to our customers, that we would never compromise by using inferior ingredients and fillers that were available to us.  Our active ingredient in our soap is raw goats milk. Raw goats milk is a secret superstar that is amazing for our skin. Many don’t know about the health benefits it provides and we are passionate about sharing this information. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and natural fat. When put into beauty products it heals, repairs and moisturizes. Goats milk matches our PH and doesn’t strip away our natural oils. Our soap is ideal for sensitive skin because it cleanses deeply but delicately. It is also ideal for eczema, acne, wrinkles, sunspots and other imperfections. In addition, it also contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids which helps to gently remove dead skin cells without damaging and ultimately prevents from premature aging. We add pure essential oils for additional health benefits and aromatherapy. We don’t add any chemicals or preservatives and the soaps are made through a cold process in small batches. Our other main ingredients are coconut oil, olive oil, lard, lye and shea butter. We love using fresh flowers, herbs and spices and raw honey for exfoliation and presentation (all from the farm!). Other than soap we also offer shampoo bars and body balm! Some of our popular scents include Cinnamon Vanilla Ginger, Lemongrass, Lavender Peppermint, Charcoal and Tea tree Sweet Orange.  

     Our farm is very important to us and a huge part of our business and family. Other than goats, we have donkeys, chickens, rabbits and cows! We frequently have open tours on our farm and love sharing it with those interested - because who doesn’t love animals! We provide free range fresh eggs to several businesses in Brockport and the collaboration is amazing! 

We have many people that keep this passion going - but you will commonly meet Debbie (CEO) and Kayla (Sales and Marketing), at the table with the products! We are always more than welcome to answer any questions that you might have and although we can not make any medical claims - we can share what our products are commonly known and used for. We believe in the power of nature for not only cleansing, but restoring our skin and body.  We commonly attend various events in the community and love meeting new people. We have accomplished so much in such a short time and truly appreciate all the love and support from the community. 



 We had a chance to come out and walk the farm. It’s clear these animals are well taken care of and spoiled in the best way! It was such a treat to see where our soap comes from first hand. -Yvonne P 

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Carpenter's Farm is INCREDIBLE - a complete hands on experience unlike any other with the sweetest animals and most genuine family I have ever met!

Debbie welcomes ALL to come and enjoy a full hands on experience with all of her wonderful animals in hopes to educate and ignite her passion into others.

I had only anticipated feeding a baby cow while visiting, but instead, she welcomed us into her home to watch the bottle making process, then allowed us to feed the baby calves, interact with and hold baby chicks, chickens, hand feed the donkeys and goats, as well as even ride Rocket, the handsome horse bareback! Debbie truly loves her animals, and it is evident in the way that each one has a name and story behind it, and her knowledge base about each animals is incredible! Be prepared to get dirty if you visit, the animals love to be loved, hugged and held, and it's well worth it! - Amber A

 I had the pleasure of visiting the farm today! Well maintained farm and the animals are absolute sweeties. I have two new pals a calf and a mischievous goat! Dont forget my pocket nibbling donkey buddies! Theres so much to this farm. Highly recommend visiting if you have the chance. Cant wait to go again! 

-Jessica E