Why Goats Milk?

Goats milk is packed with the following ingredients that are ideal for healthy skin and hair. It is delicate and gently cleanses which makes it ideal for sensitive skin or eczema. 

Alpha Hydroxy Acids - help to gently remove dead skin cells without damaging and ultimately prevents from premature aging.

VITAMINS (A, B1, B6, B12, C, D and E) - 

these help to repair damaged skin, control acne, prevent fine lines and wrinkles and provide relief to skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

MINERALS (Zinc, Copper, Iron and Selenium) - these play an important role in preventing skin cancer and or your skins exposure to the sun.   

Fat - helps to naturally moisturize and create a creamy and soft product that doesnt strip away our natural oils. 

We utilize only the safest and purest ingredients along with the goats milk from our farm, to create eco friendly and all natural products that are truly safe for your entire family! 

Although we are not concidered Vegan, we do not test on our animals and always have there best interest at heart. 

Where to Find Us

Goat Isle Soap products are carried at:  

the Farmers Daughter, 8089 West Ridge Rd, Brockport. 

Little Button Craft, 658 South Avenue, Rochester.

Upcoming Events:

-Sept 1: The Mulberry Tree Art Festival, Mendon NY 


-Sept 22/23: The Purple Painted Lady Festival, Palmyra NY


We have several more shows in the works, so stay tuned and come say hello!